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St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church
5300 El Camino Road Las Vegas, NV 89118
(cross streets are Hacienda and Jones)


To enhance your Festival Experience, we want to make parking as pleasant as possible for you given the lay out of the area, and its limitations. Our parking is not perfect and we sincerely apologize in advance, so please bear with us as we try to make it better. If you take the time to read and understand the following, parking at the Festival will be a great deal easier and better for you.

We have Free Parking available all along West Hacienda Avenue from just east of South Rainbow Boulevard going east past South Jones Boulevard to almost South Decatur Boulevard (see the map inset). All along the way, we have several Shuttle Bus pickup and drop-off locations that are clearly marked. Just park and walk to one of the locations. Shuttle Buses arrive every few minutes and will take you right to the Admissions Area. When you are ready to go home after a great Festival Experience, you can hop on a Shuttle Bus outside the Festival exit area, and it will take you back to the drop-off location near your car. We have a Shuttle Bus Coordinator present who can direct you to the proper Shuttle Bus when it is time to go. During peak times (around 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.), we highly recommend that you park in the first available spot and ride in on a Shuttle Bus. It’s very easy and efficient. We ask that you please not park in any of the neighborhoods and only park in designated parking areas. Thank you.


We also have Remote Parking near the Southeast Corner of South Jones Boulevard and West Russell Road. Shuttle Buses come and go around every ten minutes from there and will take you right to the Admissions Area. This area is marked on the map above.


For guests using ride-hailing services such as taxi and lyft, we have established a secure drop-off and pick-up point on Hacienda, west of El Camino. Signage and traffic directors will direct.


We do have Handicap Parking available on the Church grounds. The people directing parking will direct you to the entry point for the Handicap Parking area.


Please leave backpacks in your car or at home as they are currently not permitted on the festival grounds.